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New Members & FAQs


When should I start Physie?

Classes are available for girls from 2 years of age. However you are never too old, many ladies and mums, aunts and
grandmothers join as beginners. February is the best time to join as you will be learning a new year’s syllabus.
But you are welcome to join at any stage during the year. 
There is also an instructional DVD available that can assist with practice at home.


What should I wear?

Our Littlies class can wear anything they feel comfortable in. All other classes wear fitted active wear that is easy to move in.
North Ryde Physie class apparel including tops and leggings are available for purchase to wear to class and competitions.
Physie is also performed in bare feet. It is also important to have your hair neatly groomed, tied back into a ponytail or bun.


What happens in class?

The Littlies class for 2 - 4-year-old girls is designed to develop the fundamentals of Physie.
Simple routines are taught to nursery rhymes and music with lots of laughs and fun along the way.


The 5 years and over are taught the BJP syllabus. There is an emphasis on positions and correct technique with routines including elements of jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop, and aerobics.


What is the cost?

Physie is a relatively inexpensive style of dance. There is an annual registration fee, low-cost class fees payable each term, the cost of one regulation competition leotard for girls 5 years and over if they wish to compete. North Ryde also has many pre-loved leotards available for purchase as well. North Ryde Physie is a  not-for-profit community club so we are able to keep our fees to a minimum.

North Ryde Physie is also an approved Active and Creative Kids registered provider.
Parents, guardians and carers of school children can apply for both vouchers to use for sport and fitness costs and lessons.
This gets you $300 to spends towards your annual Physie fees.


Do I have to compete?

No, competitions are optional, although they are a great way to build confidence and meet other Physie friends.

It’s a wonderful experience designed to encourage girls to become comfortable performing in a safe, positive environment.


What about hair, tan and makeup?

BJP has strict rules about junior girls grooming, they are allowed a small amount of lipstick, blush, and foundation with pretty hairstyles and a tasteful ribbon. No fake tan, nail polish, teased hair, glitter or false eye lashes for all girls up to 14 yrs.

Senior girls and ladies can have a more sophisticated look when competing.


Would you like to try?

We would love to welcome you to North Ryde Physie! 
Feel free to make use of our two free trial lessons or just come along to have a watch!

(CLICK HERE to download your 2023 two FREE lesson trial voucher)

Please contact us for further information.


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